What should the garden be like?

The humanist will see the beauty in it. The architect – its usefulness and harmony.
The naturalist will see the balance or lack of it.
The garden plot owner – a territory that is shaped according to the own image.
Still, it will be the same garden seen with different eyes.
When creating it, please remember about the plants that grow for you in our nursery.

Andrzej Kordus

Our plant nursery

We are a family plant nursery with over 100 years of gardening traditions. Together with my wife Anna, sons Daniel and Michał and their families, we create “Kordus Plant Nursery”.

We farm on an area of 12 ha, 3 ha of which are container crops. Our long-term experience is the production of large plants in soil cultivation.

We are distinguished by a very wide range of offered plants – from large conifers and deciduous plants to perennials and ericaceous plants.

We direct our production to wholesale and retail customers. Together with leading plant nurseries, we create the Polish Nurserymen Association.

All guests wishing to visit us and our plant nursery are more than welcome.


Our history

May 2019


The beginning of the company. In this year, Michał Kordus (born 1879) came from Poznań to Warsaw and married Jadwiga Zarzycka (born 1888).
Initially, the young couple ran a gardening farm in Załuski-Górki colony near Raszyn.


After the First World War, they moved to Warsaw and lived at 34 Żytnia Street.

In 1925, they bought a farm in Skorosze (now the Ursus district).

They had eight children – seven sons and one daughter.


After the war, the children of Jadwiga and Michał continued the gardening traditions. Michał Junior leased a farm at 34 Żytnia Street, owned by Hoser.

After the Second World War, he also worked in the Ministry of Agriculture in the country afforestation program.


On their own place again: moving to a farm in Wola Mrokowska.


The beginnings of our activity in the new farm.


The first conifers started to grow.


Joy of improvements and mechanization.


The opening of markets and the possibility of selling plants for export resulted in the development of the company.

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